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My bad. I haven't really been updating my deviant for AGES. @_@ I'm sorry with my inactivity, especially for those who have highly appreciated my Bleach walls,yayyyyyy. But it doesn't really mean I wasn't able to hang out with Bamboo-kun for ages too. It's just that I was too lazy to upload them here. I'll promise to catch up anyway. :)
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I was planning to buy tablet before 2011.
I'll surely be active here after second semester. *banzai
So much for that, I've done editing Chi and Arlet's pic too
And just rummage for a chance to see them before Christmas.
That's all for now. :)


Newbie means zero

Journal Entry: Sun Jun 13, 2010, 10:18 AM

Frankly enough, I have planned to make a deviant account for the
last three years of my youthful days *chuckles. Finally,
I'm now an official deviant!

I have an affiliated account along with my friends
who share the same interest as mine.
If you have time, you can drop by here as well:

Sankyu! Always keep the faith.

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